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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Gina De Gorna

Gina De Gorna STATEMENT:
Not everything is art and Art is not everything, but it comes close, because Art is everywhere and all the time. In the beginning, art was all beautiful things created by nature. The incredible human abilities sense beauty and harmony and wish to hold, preserve and enjoy it. Art makes you experience the beauty of the world. Art itself is so powerful that it may tell stories, show feelings, express passion or fury. It may be happy or sad. Works of art can be as tiny as miniatures or as enormous as the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Art exists as addition to language. It is like expression of sensations and thoughts, a way of thinking too subtle and delicate for words. Art with its magical splendor is so powerful thus influences and changes life for good. For me art implies some personal, unanalyzable creative power. From the artist art requires love, veracity and perseverance. In return, it reveals the untamed passion. For the public, art with its magnificent beauty improves mood and health and builds better persons. It engages the intellect, softens the heart and frees the spirit.

Gina De Gorna comes from a family of Artists and Craftsmen. She has lived and studied extensively Fine Art both in Europe and in the US. In 2002 Gina found paradise and eventually moved to Hawaii Big Island.
Gina De Gorna received her first Art award at the age of ten and later on she has been a teacher for 11 years.
Having painted and studied for more than 25 years, Gina De Gorna finished more than 1000 Art pieces. She continuously does research, reads and writes about art, tutors, experiments with color, art techniques, styles and painting subjects. In the US Gina De Gorna launched her career as a full-time artist and as such she can offer originals of oil and acrylic paintings and variety of limited edition Giclee reproductions, cards and prints.
Gina's fine art works and portraits have been shown in Art Galleries both in solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Her work incorporates a wide variety of subject matter, including cartoons, illustrations, portraits , landscape and seascape images, together with paintings of animals, birds, sunsets, and flowers. Her paintings are recognized for their realistic and expressional values. They are the product of a continuing process of exploration through which the artist is seeking to portray personal or visionary interpretations of the world.
Gina's paintings are impressions of places and events from everyday life and personal responses to what she sees or feels. They have been collected in five continents.
Gina De Gorna is a member of the Oil Painters of America and the Women’s Caucus for Art.

Favorite Color: RED
Favorite Place: Hawaii, Big Island
Favorite Hobby: Fine ART and painting
Favorite Sports and Activities: Tennis, Boogie Boarding, Bicycling
Favorite Food: All but raw meat;
Favorite Drink: Mojito
Favorite Music: All but Heavy Metal
Gina De Gorna's OTHER INTERESTS: Family, Books - World Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Art & Color Therapy, Travel, Charity.

1.Which artists influenced your art? -Mainly the Old Masters.
2.What techniques and materials do you use in your paintings? - I experiment in all kinds of techniques and paint mostly in oils.
3.Why do you create art in this way? - I create artworks for my own pleasure and what you see is the result of my enjoyment at different times.
4.Have you always created art in this way or have you experimented in the past? - I always experiment.
5.Does your artwork represent your life? - No. My artworks represent only my moods and feelings and personal responses to beautiful things and dreams.
6.Is there a certain subject matter you prefer to use for your artworks? - Sunsets and striking scenes and things.
7.What do you think about your art? - I think it's not bad.
8.What style your paintings are in? - I've painted in all art styles. Painting in one art style only is VERY boring.
9.How did you become famous? - Mostly through my art galleries and art exposure on the internet.
10. How did your birth place affect your work? - I don't think it affected my art a lot, rather places I went to and things I saw affected my art choices.
11.Anything else that may have inspired you to paint what you paint. - My love to art.
12. At what age did you find an interest in art? - 5
13. What would be your favorite subject to paint and why? - flowers and sunsets because nothing is more beautiful
14. What initially drew you to art/painting? - the beauty
15. How often do you paint? - almost every day
16. Which style of art do you enjoy the most? (i.e. abstract, realism, impressionism) - all
17. How would you describe your artwork to someone who was unfamiliar with it? - colorful
18. Who or what inspires you most? - the beauty of things
19. How long does a typical painting take you to complete? - between a few hours and a few weeks
20. Do you have a particular "forte" in a certain style of painting or do you constantly experiment? - most often I experiment
21. Out of your many works, which would be your favorite? And if you have one, why? - Lady in Red because it depicts me in most aspects:)